Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire

It’s that time of year again, where the sweet sounds of slander riddle the airwaves. Harper’s conservative party has been hard at work to vilify the Liberals in their recent smear campaign, again displaying this countries tact for diplomatic name-calling. However, the conservatives have just given their opposition plenty of ammunition with recent reports of cheating – “Elections Canada, the national, non-partisan institution charged by statute with overseeing the clean and accountable conduct of national elections, believes the Harper Conservatives incorrectly re-directed $1.3 million to unlawfully amplify its 2006 advertising budget” (Scott Reid, A wise man told me once that there is a fine line between democracy and communism, and that line rests solely on the integrity of information – concealing or revealing agendas. Is it too much to ask for an honest politician or is that just a modern-day oxymoron?



Everything is Dumber in Texas?

Texas has done it again! Done what you might ask? The answer: dumbfound even the dimmest bulb. Since the mid sixties, the mighty US of A has had over 100 school shootings, and I suppose we should keep counting. The great state of Texas is working hard to pass a law allowing – yes, allowing – concealed handguns to be carried on post-secondary campuses, a law that would follow in the foot steps of Alabama’s already passed sanction. How many deadly incidents have to occur before America realizes that the ‘gun toting’ portion of the constitution was not written for current society? Is there a magic number? Now, I’m not saying that similar occurrences haven’t happened in other countries, but Canada’s 10 incidents (including one in 1902) Europe’s near 25, and others (Asia, South America and Australia have a combined record of 9), are not near the cumulative calamity of the mighty US. It’s time for our neighbors to the south, to realize that this is not 1861, and the civil war has come and gone. There is only one reason for guns, and that is simply… other guns.


You don’t always get what you want… and you don’t get what you pay for either…

Yet again, the Canadian taxpayer is paying for another budget inflating and completely unwarranted structure – remember the G20’s two million dollar faux lake? It has come to my attention that the genius of the Canadian government has decided it essential to ‘upgrade’ parliament, mainly due to asbestos – though most experts agree that asbestos is most harmful to those working with it, not near it. Nevertheless, the upgrade will cost the Canadian taxpayer upwards of $880 million over the course of 25 years, and in the interim, we’ll all be footing the bill for a $42 million dollar temporary glass dome to hold the House of Commons (yes, it’s not a typo, the glass monstrosity is indeed temporary). I’d like to know when the 50%  we average in taxes a year will actually begin to benefit Canadians, or is it too much to ask that we actually get what we pay for in this country. Our nation is currently on the hook for nearly $600 billion, including the $13 billion in student debt, and the $10 billion dollar tab Hydro One gave us to pick up, but our ‘leaders’ – and I use the term loosely – continue to spend, spend, SPEND! Now, I could be mistaken, but I don’t believe I voted for the ‘do-whatever-we-damn-well-feel-like’ party, did you?