Anxious Entitlement

Kurt Vonnegut once quipped that “True terror is to wake up one morning and discover that your high school class is running the country”, a sentiment I have long held to be apropos, but has seemingly become that much more frighteningly appropriate with each passing generation. Of course each generation compares and contrasts their own … Continue reading Anxious Entitlement


Apprentice. Intern. Slave.

The employment climate for many students and graduates has been a difficult terrain to not only navigate but also survive. And slavery masked under labels of ‘apprentice’ or ‘intern’ only make it worse. Bogged down with insurmountable student debts, and often forced to take remedial positions to make ends meet, many of this educated generation … Continue reading Apprentice. Intern. Slave.

Girl Posts Selfie – Internet Retaliates

If you took any history 101 class, you may have heard of civil rights activist, and overall great guy, Martin Luther King, Jr.. And if you happened to be awake during your teacher’s lesson, you may have retained some of the brilliant and moving words Dr. King spoke, particularly his speech that included living “in … Continue reading Girl Posts Selfie – Internet Retaliates