Faceless Adversaries

My mother often shares an underdog story from my childhood (beaming with pride and I with bemusement) that I had stood up against a bully at a young age. We were at a park, I was barely 5, and an older boy took a ball from a younger boy, which obviously resulted in tears. As … Continue reading Faceless Adversaries


Junk Patriotism

Today is our motherland’s birthday. Let us cheer and let us cherish. Please only leave behind your reverence, and take away with you your trash. - Anonymous Netizen, ChinaSmack China's 64th anniversary flag raising ceremony saw heavy rain drench 110,000 spectators in Beijing’s Tiananmen Square Tuesday. But the rain was not the only thing to dampen … Continue reading Junk Patriotism

Accountability in the Age of Entitlement (re-post from March 2011)

There’s a disease raging in the western world called apathy. It’s a not a new ailment, but more rampant then ever since it latched onto the boom of 1980’s indulgence, and powered the current ‘age of entitlement’. Self-reliance is a thing of the past now that it's acceptable to blame the rest of the world … Continue reading Accountability in the Age of Entitlement (re-post from March 2011)