Accountability in the Age of Entitlement (re-post from March 2011)

There’s a disease raging in the western world called apathy. It’s a not a new ailment, but more rampant then ever since it latched onto the boom of 1980’s indulgence, and powered the current ‘age of entitlement’. Self-reliance is a thing of the past now that it’s acceptable to blame the rest of the world for your problems. But who are we to blame for that?
We could blame the divorced parents who fueled their spoiled children with guilt-soaked spending.
We could blame the education system for bending over backwards for the 1% of parents who whine about the consequences of their child’s irresponsibility.
We could blame physical and psychological doctors for offering band-aid solutions to pain and depression.
We could blame the government for making it easy to be self loathing and lazy with its flawed welfare and disability methods.
We could blame the media for encouraging a ‘me’ generation of products.
Or… we could blame ourselves for being so naively pathetic – for failing to see the red flags of deluded excess.
Now, please don’t get me wrong, we should have services to assist those is need, those who are truly unable to help themselves. But for the rest of you relying on medication without therapy because you’re sore or sad, those of you who are too insecure to pursue meaningful education or employment, and those of you making excuses for your self-indulgent spoiled children… STOP IT! No matter what society shapes as ‘acceptable’, you are still accountable.

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