Everything is Dumber in Texas?

Texas has done it again! Done what you might ask? The answer: dumbfound even the dimmest bulb. Since the mid sixties, the mighty US of A has had over 100 school shootings, and I suppose we should keep counting. The great state of Texas is working hard to pass a law allowing – yes, allowing – concealed handguns to be carried on post-secondary campuses, a law that would follow in the foot steps of Alabama’s already passed sanction. How many deadly incidents have to occur before America realizes that the ‘gun toting’ portion of the constitution was not written for current society? Is there a magic number? Now, I’m not saying that similar occurrences haven’t happened in other countries, but Canada’s 10 incidents (including one in 1902) Europe’s near 25, and others (Asia, South America and Australia have a combined record of 9), are not near the cumulative calamity of the mighty US. It’s time for our neighbors to the south, to realize that this is not 1861, and the civil war has come and gone. There is only one reason for guns, and that is simply… other guns.



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