Elitist Groceries

I'm hungry! I'd also like to maintain my weight by choosing healthy, albeit delicious, items to masticate. Oh! But I forgot healthy food is only affordable to those with a six plus figure salary. This is the plain truth staring me in the face at every glaring green grocer sign. Healthy items have become an … Continue reading Elitist Groceries


Crime & Encouragement

A 35 year old man was charged in the U.S. for hacking celebrity phones/emails and releasing private and personal information online.He is currently looking at 121 years in a federal prison should he be convicted of his crimes... Interesting.... The average sentence for say, a sex offender (pedophile, rapist, etc.) is 4.5 years, something here … Continue reading Crime & Encouragement

Everything is Dumber in Texas?

Texas has done it again! Done what you might ask? The answer: dumbfound even the dimmest bulb. Since the mid sixties, the mighty US of A has had over 100 school shootings, and I suppose we should keep counting. The great state of Texas is working hard to pass a law allowing – yes, allowing … Continue reading Everything is Dumber in Texas?