Crime & Encouragement

A 35 year old man was charged in the U.S. for hacking celebrity phones/emails and releasing private and personal information online.He is currently looking at 121 years in a federal prison should he be convicted of his crimes… Interesting…. The average sentence for say, a sex offender (pedophile, rapist, etc.) is 4.5 years, something here seems backwards.

Should the man charged with hacking personal information be penalized? Absolutely, and to the full extent of the law. But at the same token should not be given a harsher penalty than a sex offender. I mean if we’re honest here, releasing information can be both inconvenient and even embarrassing, but I’m pretty sure raping people or molesting children is a whole hell of a lot worse.

And this isn’t new – this blatant disregard for the welfare of sexualized victims has gone on for far too long. There is no ‘cure’ for sexual disorders, and that’s unfortunate, but to release them after only a few short years and protecting these people while in prison (ahem, solitary confinement) is laughable. The damage that is caused to both the victim, the families and even generations later should merit harsher penalties.

Of course this is just one comparison of the fallibility our justice system behooves us. If we’re talking brass taxes, let’s talk tax! Every hardworking, conscious, societal contributor in this country pays to give these people healthcare, internet, television, protection and even the right to vote – people who chose to disregard the impact of their actions to the extent of being criminal are being coddled and we’re paying for it.

It is an abomination to think that in the year 2011, pride is of more value than the human spirit, money carries more weight then the lives it spoils and our justice system crucifies victims while encouraging criminals. But it happens every day.

Maybe those who write the laws should be thrown in with the lions they’re protecting – and let the punishment fit the crime.



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