Middle Eastern Canada?

Yes, it’s been a long while since I’ve posted anything. I’ve had plenty to gripe about, mostly a lack of time. Nonetheless, I have found something that just can’t wait.During this past summer, several organizations and individuals alike protested outside a local Toronto public school for allowing a 40 minute prayer service for the Muslim student body. A service that leaves the cafeteria un-enterable by non-Muslim students and segregates female Muslims from their male counterparts – insofar as to prevent menstruating female Muslims from participating.Isn’t this Canada? Have I suddenly woken up in the middle east? Oh wait! I forgot, the minority runs this country. I have no issue with Muslim faith, or any other faith for that matter, what I do have issue with is it being practiced in a public and albeit secular institution.

As recently as September, demonstrators from the Canadian Secular Alliance were also demanding that government funding be cut from the Catholic School Board – something I can 1000% (yes, I used 1000%) get behind. It is absolutely ludicrous that the government funds any group that has it’s own agenda; that only reflects the interest of a few. I was under the impression that church and state (or in this case, province) should always be divided.

Government funding should only have it’s hands open to organizations and institutions that can benefit ALL people, not the few. You want to have prayer in school? Sure, build and fund it yourself! You want to have a place of worship? Absolutely, build and fund it yourself! You want to be a member of this society? Of this country? No problem, just start acting like it!


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