Science And Religion: A Look at Facts, Faith and Fallacy

The answer to life’s ultimate question “where do we come from?” has been divided amongst religious believers and science enthusiasts for centuries, along with the struggle between facts and faith. Religion attempts to respond to our questions with seemingly intangible and often broad solutions, while science attempts to offer us concrete answers. However, where science … Continue reading Science And Religion: A Look at Facts, Faith and Fallacy


The Mysticism of Secularity

At three different times this week I've been asked to donate to World Vision and three times I've responded with "I only support secular charities" which was promptly queried with "what does that mean?". Now I'm sure World Vision is an admirable charity but come on, how is it possible that 3 different Christian volunteers … Continue reading The Mysticism of Secularity

Middle Eastern Canada?

Yes, it's been a long while since I've posted anything. I've had plenty to gripe about, mostly a lack of time. Nonetheless, I have found something that just can't wait.During this past summer, several organizations and individuals alike protested outside a local Toronto public school for allowing a 40 minute prayer service for the Muslim … Continue reading Middle Eastern Canada?