The Mysticism of Secularity

At three different times this week I’ve been asked to donate to World Vision and three times I’ve responded with “I only support secular charities” which was promptly queried with “what does that mean?”.

Now I’m sure World Vision is an admirable charity but come on, how is it possible that 3 different Christian volunteers don’t know what secular means?

Well for those that don’t know what the definition is of this mystical word, here is the English dictionary’s definition:

– adjective
1. worldly; not religious

Now that that’s out of the way, I’d like to know why my answer to this query is often followed with an uncomfortable look and casually rolled eye? I never made claim to satanist beliefs or berated the volunteer with my opinion on the naivety of having faith in archaic dogma, so why such subtle hostility? It is my right to be an atheist, just as it is another’s right to believe in spiritual or religious doctrine.

It is nearly 2012, a year that prophesies change, but the concept that some us choose fact over fiction is still considered taboo and that is just plain lunacy! I’m tired of being apologetic for being a disbeliever and yet still socially expected to respect the beliefs of others. I know Christianity preaches tolerance, and yet rarely do I see god fearing Christians actually implementing this regard – instead secularity is chastised at every whim.

I have high hopes (but no legitimate expectations) that when the apocalypse fails to rear its head; when the dogmatic preachings of dooms day are back peddled that maybe, just maybe secularity can finally come out of the closet – finally get the ‘respect’ and understanding it too deserves.



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