I Don’t Want To Live On This Planet Anymore

That’s it! I’m done with this planet! It amazes me the level of ignorance in a world at the peak of its knowledge. Inhabited by a species that never ceases to be infuriating.

Modern medicine has rid us of polio, the plague and various other population depleting diseases and viruses, but funds are used predominately to fuel the latest in drug ‘therapies’ to mend societally created disorders (ADHD, Chronic Anxiety, Atypical Depression), and to even cure the most essential, erectile dis- function (feel free to cut the sarcasm around that last example with a knife).

Skilled entertainment has been replaced by the mindless antics of drunks, child pornographers, and self loathing women in the form of reality television – only broken up by advertising that challenges self esteem and insults intelligence.

Governments have given more rights to the corporation than an individual but negate their accountability in polluting the environment and our minds with products and dribble.

Rapists and pedophiles are given a slap on the wrist, while corporate theft is granted a life sentence; what misguided values are these.

Capitalism has ruined the small business, destroyed the middle class and eradicated a livable wage under the guise of an illusive freedom – that sheep’s clothing is no longer the effective deterrent it once was.

Our children are fat, sexed-up, aggressive little beasts raised by the glare of infinite screens; unaware of their potential due to in-bred apathy.

Our teachers are parents with their hands tied, and our parents have been replaced by overworked loathsome zombies.

I want off this ride!

This isn’t the world I was promised as a child, nor the world I wish to give my children.

I was promised that hard work and education would give me a job and a livable wage.

I was promised physical and mental security and safety by my governments.

But most importantly I was promised freedom….

I don’t want to live on this planet anymore.

Do you?



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