Blood and Ketchup

Heinz ketchup has been a staple in the refrigerators of most North Americans for decades. A ‘go to’ brand of condiments that have become a integral part of family gatherings, summer BBQs and supplied by many top food chains. But a cloud has been cast on the squeaky clean company, that goes by the name of Warren Buffet.

The supposed philanthropist purchased the Heinz company back in February, and under it’s new ownership will now close three of its factories – American locations Florence and Pocatello, and its Leamington plant in Canada, at a loss of 1350 jobs. With the American economy walking a tightrope and Canada waiting its turn, where is Buffet’s philanthropy now?

The closure of these plants are just another addition to the long list of North American production that has gone by the wayside or shipped overseas, all in the name of plutocracy. Don’t kid yourself, democracy is now just a nostalgic memory of days long past. Now is the time for these capitalistic tyrants to be pulled from their thrones. As for you Mr. Buffet, put your money where your mouth is.


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2 thoughts on “Blood and Ketchup

  1. Terrific Blog. Once again, a “business decision”, otherwise known as short term stock holders share price increase. Of course this comes complete with total disregard to the employees and company materials suppliers lives as they don’t matter one wit, even though said employees and suppliers were the ones responsible for their profits and share values. This is indeed Warren Buffet’s 21st century philanthropy, glad handed directly to the share holders.


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